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Creating a wardrobe capsule will allow you to look elegant all the time. You do not have to own a lot of clothes to look beautiful. When you have a good wardrobe capsule, you can combine different pieces and look good all the time.

Building a wardrobe capsule starts with understanding your style. You need to know your style so that you know what works for you. The trick is to invest in pieces that are classic and also multipurpose. Here are some tips to help you build your wardrobe:

Tops And T-Shirts

create wardrobeYou cannot build a wardrobe without getting some good tops and t-shites. Start with camisole tops in neutral colors. You can wear your camisole tops with jeans and skirts. T-shirts are also a must-have when building your capsule wardrobe.

Get t-shirts in black, white, and nude colors. You can also get a white t-shirt because it is multi-purpose. Bodysuits are also great because you do not have to tuck-in when wearing your jeans or skirts.


It is also important to have some layering pieces in your wardrobe. Start with a good pair of blazer that you can wear with jeans and also wear them to the office.

A classic blazer should be in black so that you can wear it with many outfits. You also need to invest in a leather jacket or denim jacket, depending on your preference. Last but not least, make sure that you have a trench court in a neutral color.


Buying jeans is a tricky affair. When buying jeans, you need to know the style that will flatter your body shape. All body types can wear skinny jeans, but you need to consider high waist jeans if you are a curvy girl.

You can also buy boyfriend jeans for those days that you want a relaxed look. The basic jeans’ colors are black and blue. You can wear black jeans for a formal look, but blue jeans are for a relaxed look.

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Every girl should have some cute dresses in their wardrobe. Start with the classic little black dress for the office and also for the weekends. A black dress has proven useful over the years, and it works until today.

You can also get a floral dress for the summer and for those days that you are feeling girly. Remember to buy dresses that you can wear for different occasions.

Roy Crabtree