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Before undergoing a surgery, they explained to me that I was getting an ostomy bag. I’d have to fix it, hold it in my hand, and everything would be fine. Since the operation saved my life, I accepted it without any problem. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t remember a conversation. It didn’t sound like much. It didn’t even seem like my lifestyle would change, except for a few minutes here and there for maintenance. In this article, I will share some fashion tips that have helped me throughout the years.

Change Your Wardrobe

Cabinet One of the exciting but tiring things that people who underwent surgery and have an ostomy bag often face is that they cannot wear their old clothes anymore. Because of this reason, people change their wardrobes. Some people decide to purchase a stoma belt, so they would not worry about their pouch falling off. At first, it can be painful for a person to change their wardrobe. In most cases, after they have undergone surgery and use ostomy bags, they will have a feeling of losing confidence. But over time, they will heal and get used to it.

Raise the Waistline

If you are a person that avoids high waisted garments, it is now time to change that habit. Raising the waistline can be helpful for you and your ostomy bag. This will help in protecting the area where your ostomy bag is placed.

Find the Right Underwear

There are companies that make underwear for people who have ostomy bags. Companies offer different styles but have the same concept. An Underwear that is elastic and stretchy. Compressing garments that wrap around your waist that keeps your ostomy bag supported and slimmed.

Use Some Guards and Belts

Woman Some available guards and belts can help protect your ostomy from impact. There are also available guards and belts for fashion. Belts can help you be comfortable in wearing low or mid-rise pants because it keeps your bag at a horizontal angle. Belts are great accessories to help you look more fashionable depending on the type of clothes that you are wearing. By doing some research, you can stay fashionable and confident, even if you have an ostomy bag.

Roy Crabtree